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Next Connecticut SolidWorks User Group Meeting

Tuesday, September 30th, at the Connecticut River Museum in Essex, CT

More details to follow...stay tuned!

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Next Connecticut SolidWorks User Group Meeting

Thursday, June 26th, at Mastercam HQ (aka CNC Software) in Tolland CT.

More details to follow...stay tuned!

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Next Connecticut SolidWorks User Group Meeting

Thursday, April 3rd at the new Microsoft Store in the West Farms Mall, Farmington CT.


More details to follow...stay tuned!

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Next Connecticut SolidWorks User Group Meeting

Thursday, December 12th, at The American Clock & Watch Museum in Bristol, CT.


More details to follow...stay tuned!

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Next Connecticut SolidWorks User Group Meeting

Thursday, September 26th, at Cabela's in East Hartford, CT

Special guest appearance by none other than SAL LAMA!!!

More details to follow...stay tuned!

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Next Connecticut SolidWorks User Group Meeting

Thursday, June 13th, at Mastercam HQ (aka CNC Software) in Tolland CT.

More details to follow...stay tuned!

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Next Connecticut SolidWorks User Group Meeting

Thursday, April 11th, at Cabela's in East Hartford CT.

More details to follow...stay tuned!

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Next Connecticut SolidWorks User Group Meeting

Thursday, December 13th, at Bauer Inc. in Bristol, CT.


More details to follow...stay tuned!

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Connecticut SolidWorks User Group Meeting

Thursday, June 14th, FLAG DAY!!! at Mastercam HQ in Tolland, CT.

All are welcome as usual.  More details to follow...stay tuned!

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Connecticut SolidWorks User Group Meeting

Thursday, March 29th, Cabela’s in East Hartford, CT. Meet and greet at 5:30. Meeting starts at 6pm.

Our very own Bob Conley presenting on DriveWorks and Mark Lyons of SolidWorks fame presenting on Draftsight.

All are welcome as usual.  More details to follow...stay tuned!

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Connecticut SolidWorks User Group Meeting Agenda for December 8th, 2011


We trust your holidays were safe and festive.  We bring more good cheers in the form of news of our next meeting.  ConnSWUG returns yet again to the Eli Whitney Museum in Hamden CT on Thursday, December 8th.  There will be presentations by our very own members Paul Parise and Garry Gulledge, and of course, the museum will be open for all to enjoy.  There will be the usual meet and greet at 5:30 but feel free to show earlier to check out the museum and it’s fantastic displays.

That is all for now…stay tuned for more info coming soon. 

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Due to a scheduling conflict, the September 22nd meeting is being pushed to September 29th.  Same place, same time, same awesome presenter...Sal Lama from SolidWorks!

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Agenda information and other news will be available soon.


Next meeting is set for September 22nd at the NEAM in Windsor Locks, CT...stay tuned for more details!



If you haven't heard the news yet then listen up!  The next ConnSWUG meeting is going to be held at Mastercam Headquarters in Tolland Connecticut on Thursday, June 9th.  There will be live Mastercam demonstrations in their R&D Machine shop, a tour of their "Green" facility, presentations from Keith Butzgy of Mastercam and Rob Rodriguez of Axis CAD Solutions, as well as Vendors & Partners to network with as well.

This meeting has all the indications to be the meeting of the year for ConnSWUG.  As some of you know that have attended prior meetings, there are always some nice VIP surprises in attendance.  This meeting might be no exception.  It just might be worth the trip up to the quiet corner of Connecticut.

Stay tuned for more info and we'll post an official agenda once it's available.

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Hope to see you on June 9th!


Updated agenda for ConnSWUG meeting on 3-31-2011.  Click the pic on the left to download the agenda in pdf form.  Click the pic on the right to look up directions to the museum. 

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It's about time I make some time and update the website as I promised at our last meeting so here I go....

As most of you know...I attended my first SolidWorks World (SWW 2011) and all I can say is...FIND A WAY TO GET TO SWW 2012!!!  If you can barter some time thru your boss and place of employment...DO IT & GO!!!   The networking and sessions by themselves are enough of a reason to attend!  I'll share those thoughts along with other valuable information of SolidWorks World 2011 at our March meeting.  I could possibly have some surprise news that will be...ummm...shocking.  Well...it was for me.

I'm still on the hunt to locate a place for our March meeting.  I was hoping for a location along 95 around Westbrook but that seems to have fell thru.  I'm currently looking at a location in Meriden and if that doesn't pan out...we'll try an 'ol favorite...The Clock & Watch Museum in Bristol.   I'll certainly keep you posted.

Just a reminder...you can follow me on Twitter under username Edsonius.  I use this account for all things relative in the world of SolidWorks...mostly.  Take a look at my following list.  You will find some SolidWorks heavy hitters that could provide helpful content.

So that's it...I can't wait to share my SolidWorks World experience with all of you.  Be ready to be rocked with a SolidWorks World presentation for our March meeting.



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Eli Whitney Museum in Hamden, CT.  Click the image below to download a PDF of the agenda.



September 9thNew England Air Museum…Windsor Locks, CT

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Click the pic below for the latest agenda.  PLEASE TAKE NOTE…the meeting start time is 5:30…not the usual 6pm!


ConnSWUG Logo Modeling Contest

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Finally!  This was a difficult meeting to schedule but we finally did it.  So without further delay...let me tell you about our next meeting.

 Our 1st year anniversary meeting (yes...Joe Penn...where have you been?) is at the Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology better known as C-CAT...and is located between Pratt & Whitney and Cabela's in East Hartford.  Special guests include Connecticut Corsair, Mark Bliek of Bolton Works, and Mark Biasotti of SolidWorks.  The topics for the evening will be focused on Reverse Engineering using Scanner Technology and Surface Modeling.

First off...a representative from Connecticut Corsair will give us a quick introduction to their project which involves restoring a Corsair F4U-4 inverted gull wing monoplane that were manufactured in the Nutmeg State and were heavily used in WWII.  Mark Bliek of Bolton Works will show us a technical hands-on presentation of the items he has scanned for this project.  Mark Biasotti of SolidWorks will then give us a presentation on how to manipulate scanned data using Surfacing (and possibly other) techniques.

OK...so that's just the start of the actual meeting.  If you arrive between 5pm and 5:45...a C-CAT representative will show you their laser room and some of the cool things they create using lasers.  I cannot guarantee there will be live a demonstration but if they can they will.  At the same time Mark Bliek will give a quick live demonstration with his equipment.

And wait...there's more!  ConnSWUG plans to unveil their modeling contest for all ConnSWUG members to take part.  More details to follow but for the most part it's exactly as it sounds.  Create a model that captures the heart of ConnSWUG members.  The winning model will become our new ConnSWUG insignia for the world to see.  Win a great prize too!

We will have the usual events like the meet and greet and food and beverages for all.  We'll open the meeting with some general news and notes from around the SWUG world and close the meeting with some future news and notes.

So...if you ever wanted to meet Mark Biasotti of SolidWorks fame, here is your chance.  If you ever wanted to see a scanned item turned into a solid, edited using surface techniques, here's your chance.  Come to think of it...there is a bunch of "here is your chance" moments and reason to attend this meeting.  Kindly leave April 1st (and this is no April Fools joke) clear and open on your calendar and attend what will be a very interesting and well attended meeting.

There might be one more surprise...after all...ConnSWUG did "officially" turn 1 in the month of March.


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Just in case you didn't know...there is this event taking place over on the West Coast...

If you want to follow along and get the latest news from SolidWorks World bloggers and attendees...try using Twitter search.

http://search.twitter.com/   (you don't need a twitter account...most tweets are available to all)

Use the hash tag #SWW2010 or #SWW10 for your search description.


And the two winners for $25 gift cards courtesy of Rapid Sheet Metal and keytech PLM are...

Alicia Sorban of Seymour, CT and Dan Marconi of Eemax in Oxford, CT.

How did they win the G.C.'s?  Simple...they attended the last meeting.  Then we email a link to all those who attend to complete the online survey. 

So here is your chance...attend a future meeting and you too can have this great opportunity from supporting vendors of ConnSWUG.

Hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday.  We'll see you at the next meeting.  Info coming soon...

Regards from Ed & Ed of the Connecticut SolidWorks User Group.


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The Connecticut SolidWorks User Group has some exciting news to share about our next meeting scheduled for 6pm, Thursday, December 10th, 2009.  The meeting location will be at the workshop of one of America’s foremost industrialists.  His inventions and creations were ahead of there time.  In 1793, this particular invention revolutionized the cotton industry to a level it had never seen before.  Perhaps you have heard of the Cotton Gin.

So, do you know where it is?  If you guessed the Eli Whitney Museum in Hamden, CT, you are correct!

Please join us for some SolidWorks learning, networking and fun at this old fashioned but working museum that displays many of Eli’s creations.  The life-like American Flyer train set display, which was manufactured by the A.C. Gilbert Company of New Haven, will amaze you too.  You may have heard of another infamously clever A.C. Gilbert invention that is also on display at the museum, the Erector Set.  This one will surely bring back some childhood memories.

More details to follow very soon…

Have a great day,

The Connecticut SolidWorks User Group Committee

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And the two winners for the $5 Dunkin Donuts G.C. are..............

Russ Flugrad and Mike Kotarba.

Congrats gents and thanks to you and everyone else that submitted a survey.  ConnSWUG appreciates the support and the helpful comments.

See all of you at the next meeting...sometime in December.


Did you attend the last ConnSWUG and WMASS SWUG meeting at the New England Air Museum?  If so then please take a few minutes and tell us what you thought.  If you did not  attend the meeting...that's fine!  If you're from the Connecticut area, we still want your input.  We will also randomly select two folks**  who submit a survey reply with a $5 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card.  All survey's must be submitted by Oct 15th, 2009 to be eligible for the prize.

click here for SURVEY

**Gift cards are not available to VAR employees, SWUG leaders, SolidWorks employees, or Vendors but we would like to encourage you to submit a survey regardless.


The Connecticut SolidWorks User Group would like to remind you to register for the North Eastern SolidWorks User Conference no later than Friday, October 2nd.  The cost of the event will rise to $65 as of October 3rd.  So what are waiting for?  Click the link above! 

This year's event is shaping up quite nicely with excellent presenters, developer sessions, and vendors to see!

If you do attend, make sure you stop by the SolidWorks User Group Network booth to say hello and to support your local user group.

Hope to see you there!


Great meeting last week!  You missed a good one if you weren't able to make it.  I've never been to the New England Air Museum before but the place was PERFECT!!!  I didn't get the chance to do the tour but I plan to revisit soon to do just that.  Sal Lama delivered as expected.  He is truly a gifted and very knowledgeable individual.  Thanks Sal for making our meeting that much better. 

A huge thank you to Ed Poole of ConnSWUG, John Matrishon and Mike Agan of WMASS SWUG for making this meeting a success.  There was no way one person could have done it all.  This was a great team effort from the first stages of planning right up to the day.

Look for meeting pictures to post this week!


On to future news...

North Eastern SolidWorks User Conference registration is open don’t miss out on this great one day learning opportunity.
Visit www.neswuc.com for more information.

You need to attend this event ...it's well worth it.  This event is organized by unselfish volunteerism from SWUG leaders all over New England.  Picture a one day SolidWorks World in your back yard...how cool is that!  

Need proof?...click here!


"Building a Better Solid: Ways to enhance your SolidWorks Technique"
Presented by
Connecticut SWUG and the Western MASS SWUG

When:    Thursday, September 17th
     5:30 pm to 9:15 pm
New England Air Museum, Bradley International Airport, Windsor Locks, CT

The museum is available for tours and has offered discounted tickets to the group at $9 a piece. Please call the museum at (860) 623-3305 for more information and to purchase tickets.  You can also buy tickets the day of the event.  In either case, be sure to mention the user group meeting by name or date.  You should allow about 2 hours for touring the museum.  The tour is conducted by the museum. 

See ya there!


Take the survey...perhaps you would like to suggest an enhancement.  If so then we want to hear from you...



The agenda for the September 17th meeting at the N.E.A.M. has been posted...click the 'Meeting Info' button at the left to find out more.


Summer is almost over ( seems like it just arrived...yes? ) and though it appears as if ConnSWUG has been quiet...nothing could be farther from the truth.  Ed Poole and I have been planning for meeting #3 (which was to happen in August) back in June.  However, scheduling conflicts, jobs, and other small casualties forced us to move this meeting into September.

So let me briefly fill you in about this meeting.  Its called "Building a Better Solid: Ways to enhance your SolidWorks Technique", and is being presented by not only ConnSWUG but WMASS SWUG too.  That's right...this is a dual SWUG meeting at a really spectacular place...the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, CT.  Special guest Sal Lama will be there too.  Don't get any better than that!

If you want more info click the page below and check back here for updates.

 Want to see what others think about ConnSWUG...then join Friends of ConnSWUG at LinkedIn.

Hope to see you there!


New pictures have been added from the March 12th meeting that was attended by enthusiastic SolidWorks users and SolidWorks CEO Jeff Ray.  Click the 'Meeting Pics' tab to take a look.

Just a reminder...ConnSWUG meeting this Thursday, May 14th at Cabela's East Hartford.  Click on the 'Meeting Info' tab to see the latest agenda.

Hope to see you there!

Ed Gebo and Ed Poole...the ConnSWUG Executive Team.


The latest agenda has been posted.  Click on 'Meeting Info' tab at the left to see the latest. 


Good day...it's been a while since the last post so I thought it would be best to do something about it  so here it goes!

Our next meeting is back at Cabela's in E. Hartford on Thursday May 14th.  We have both rooms available to us so lets fill it to capacity.  Meet and greet to start at 5:15.  Remember to get your meal ticket at the time of check-in.  The fine folks over at Aerotek will greet you at the door, Services 4 Automation will be on hand to answer any MasterCAM questions you have.  InterPRO will also be present to help you with any machining or 3D printing needs.  And most importantly, CAP Inc. is the sponsoring VAR for the evening.  They will have plenty of things to see, and staff on-hand to help make your SolidWorks experience more rewarding.  Now that's a win-win night!

 If you haven't done so already...go to www.linkedin.com and find the group Friends of ConnSWUG and become a member.  Occasionally, I will send out news and notes thru this site.  It's a good tool for corresponding to folks that are members of the group.  You can also make specific announcements or create discussion topics.  LinkedIn is a very good professional networking site...I highly recommend you join and it's free!

That's all I have for now...I'll post more soon...like the agenda (once we iron out more details) and pictures from the last meeting.

Have a great day from the ConnSWUG Executive Committee


The agenda is now available for the very first ConnSWUG meeting at Cabela's in East Hartford.  You can find by clicking Meeting Info to the left or click AGENDA to open it now and feed your need for instant gratification ;~)


Want to join ConnSWUG thru LinkedIn?  Click this web address to get to ConnSWUG at LinkedIn.  It's just that easy.  I'll send updates to both when they are available. 

 Whats that?  Don't want to use LinkedIn or Twitter to get updates or join?!?  No Problem!  Just send an email to contact@connswug.com, fill in the required info...All is good!

Have a great day,

The ConnSWUG Executive Committee


Good Day!

Welcome to the Connecticut SolidWorks User Group website.  As the first meeting date for ConnSWUG nears, we ask that you kindly RSVP as indicated below.  Click the 'Contact Us' tab at the lower left to send us an email with any questions or concerns you may have.

To RSVP by email, click here

We look forward to meeting you.

Best regards,

The ConnSWUG Executive Committee